The Reverence Design Tema

Ladosha Wright

Ladosha is a Certified Master Colorist. She adorns you with the total salon experience, including services such as, but not limited to; thorough consultations, individualized hair analysis, development of hair and scalp treatment regiments, personalized home hair care instructions, and on-going holistic educational opportunities. In addition, Ladosha’s reputation speaks to her unique custom hair coloring techniques, ability to rejuvenate damaged hair, stimulate hair growth, and restore healthy scalps. Ladosha’s holistic approach to hair care sets her apart in the industry. Healthy hair care starts within. Her philosophy explains that the foundation of healthy hair begins with a well balanced diet, water intake, blood flow, plentiful rest, and regular bowel movements. Other popular add- on services involve; relaxation massages, facials, natural manicures, and pedicures. Call the salon for more details regarding The Wright Oil for hair, skin and nail products.

Lakeisha Glenn

LaKeisha is a Certified Master Colorist. Her passion is precision hair cutting, styling, and custom hair color design. No two customers will ever look alike. She prides herself on offering customers intimate and personable visits from start to finish. LaKeisha, commonly known as Hattie Mae, creatively uses organic products like; herbs, essential oils, and plant/flower extracts for hair straightening services that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. She retails her fine selection of fashion eyeglass shades affectionately named “Hattie Made Shades”, found exclusively in the salon. Call for more details.

Dr. Spritz

Dr. Spritz has over 25 years of experience. He specializes in precision cuts, hair coloring, hair weaves (sew-ins, Pronto weaves, Quick Weaves) and hair coiffuring (finger waves, fantasy styles and Avante’ Garde hair styles). He is an expert in clipper cuts, fades and design. He is an outstanding make up artist. He also does manicure and pedicure services.

Charles Calhoun

Charles specializes in cornrow braiding, braid design, hair addition sew in hair and braid extension services. He is a colorist. He is excellent in long layer hair cuts, manicure and pedicure services.